Authorized Dealer Certificate

Authorized Dealer Certificate

These are commercial gold coins and bullion trading companies.

They agree to our highest standards and professionalism when dealing with customers.

They are truthful, financially established, generally offer products that they currently have in stock, and respond to customer inquiries in a timely manner.


Bonim Marketplace Authorized Dealer Program

An Authorized Dealer is distinguished by reliability and trustworthiness in their dealings with Coin World Marketplace and its user.

To become a Coin World Marketplace Authorized Dealer, a dealer must meet a few important requirements, which we have listed for you below.

They must also acknowledge and sign the Authorized Dealer Guidelines.


How to become an Authorized Dealer?

Verification of the Identity of the Dealer.

All dealers must provide a copy of their ID, trade license or excerpt from the commerical register, and where necessary, confirmation of identity from dealers previously active on Coin World Markplace.

Signature for the Authorized Dealer Guidelines.

To become a Coin World Marketplace Authorized Dealer, a dealer must accept the Coin World Marketplace Authorized Dealer Guidelines – and follow them.



If we receive any reports of disputes or violations of the Authorized Dealer Guidelines, Coin World Marketplace Support will contact the dealer to clarify the matter.

We take violations of the Authorized Dealer Guidelines very seriously.

Such violations could lead to the withdrawal of the certificate from your account.


Authorized Dealer Certificate Guidelines

Every dealer that has the Authorized Dealer Certificate is committed by signature to comply with the following guidelines:

  1. Your guarantee of authenticity for every item that you list.
  2. We truthfully state the condition of our items and point out any signs of defects or damage, where applicable, in writing and in images.
  3. We operate a commercial coin business. All the information that we post on the platform and give to Coin World Marketplace about our company is truthful.
  4. We are a financially established company, we stand by our obligations, and we make our payments reliably and on time.
  5. We generally offer items that are in stock and that we can deliver on short notice.

Worldwide shipping.

  1. If the coins or metals to be delivered are not in stock we state the expected delivery time.
  2. We answer Coin World Marketplace customer inquiries that arrive by e-mail, within three working days.
  3. Once a payment is processed, we will deliver the items within the designated time, provided no other agreements have been made with the buyer.
  4. In principle we only ship insured items or bear the shipping risk ourselves.
  5. We always strive to ensure the transaction is fair. Should there be disagreements, we will work with the customer to find a mutually satisfactory solution.