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Buying Goldcoins

  1. Do i need to register with coin world marketplace before making a purchase?

No, every buyer doesn´t need to register on Bonim Marketplace. But sure every registered client has his/her advantages.


  1. I want to buy a specific coin. How do i proceed?

Your first option is to contact perticular dealer. Every dealer´s (or private seller´s) details are listed as well.

Second option is to order the item directly via Bonim Marketplace (form is available to you in this website).


  1. Who is my contract partner when buying?

Your contract partner is always the respective dealer or private seller.


  1. Payment for your order

First option is direct payment to a perticular Dealer. It is an agreement between dealor and buyer.

Second option is to follow via payment Bonim Marketplace and pay via Escrow account.


  1. Escrow account Bonim Marketplace.

Your payment goes into an escrow account, where it remains safely until you have the item in your possession.

The Bonim Marketplace team is always available to help ensure your purchase runs smoothly.

If the buyer wants to return the coin to the seller, the money will remain in the escrow account until the dealer confirms that the coin has been returned to him. Then Bonim marketplace sends the money to the buyer.


  1. Authenticity Guarantee

Dealers and Sellers are not allowed to list replicas or fakes on Bonim Marketplace.

They are required to investigate the items authenticity prior to listing it.

All known modifications, in as much detail as possible, are to be included in the item description.


  1. We do not share client informations or email addresses with third parties.


My Account on the Bonim Marketplace

  1. Selling

To sell on the Marketplace you need to register for an account. Your information will be stored so you can quickly offer items.

Login to your My Account within the Marketplace area using your e-mail address (username) and password.


  1. Customer service and management of items for sale.

Items for sale are added by Bonim Marketplace. The dealer sends us his list of items by e-mail and Bonim Marketplace uploads them on the website within 24 hours.

Data corrections and additions are made the same way, by the Bonim Marketplace.


  1. Stored searches

Stored searches ensure that you no longer miss out on any interesting items. You save your search and we’ll notify you as soon as there are any new items.


Coin Global Marketplace Buyer Protection

In the rare case that something doesn’t go as planned, you can rely on our Support Team.

We’ll help you find a satisfactory solution together with the dealer.

Simply contact us within 10 days of receiving your order.